P.O. Box 307

Mountain City, TN. 37683

​Info Line: 423-727-9286


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For a contact list of the Johnson County Sheriff's Department and your County Commissioners

Our organization offers financial assistance to citizens in Johnson County to spay / neuter their cat or dog. The Johnson County Humane Society accepts donations toward

SNIP (Spay Neuter Incentive Program) which is the Society's own donation

funded spay / neuter program. 

We also offer an active microchipping program using the nationally recognized Home Again microchip produced by Merck Animal Health.  Chipping is a permanent ID that makes it more likely a found pet will be returned to its owner.

The Humane Society is not a law enforcement agency nor are we affiliated with or subsidized by any government agency. The Humane Society strongly supports the existing

Mountain City Animal Control Agency (423-727-7880) and is actively involved in bringing

 humane animal control to the county.   If you are in Johnson County and experiencing an animal control issue, contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Department 

and your County Commissioner.

Welcome to the Johnson County Humane Society Inc.