About Us


Chairman: Mary Widener               (276-623-6074)

Vice Chairman: Walt Heerschap    (423-727-2566)

Secretary: Annette Sepega            (423-727-4978)

Treasurer: Nella Dionne                 (423-727-4665)

Board of Directors:

                            Phone:                  E-mail:

Mary  Widener          (276-623-6074)           mary.widener@yahoo.com

Linda Frei                 (423-727-7919)           

Paulette Walton        (423-612-0067)           prunepicker60@gmail.com

Joyce Gryder            (423-727-4978)           alwinger6@aol.com

Mike Essick              (828-406-4595)           iride84me@yahoo.com

Annette Sepega       (423-727-4978)           wolfspirit159@gmail.com

Walt Heerschap        (423-727-2566)           wjheerschap292@gmail.com

Goals and Policies


Johnson County Humane Society Inc. was incorporated  as a Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation on September 6, 1977.  We are a 501 C (3) tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Service code.

The Society was organized for the following purposes:

  • Prevention of cruelty to animals

  •  Relief of animal suffering

  •  Extension of humane education

  •  Support city and county animal control efforts

The society strives to reduce the number of unwanted animals through an aggressive spay/neuter program, helps to assure lost pets are returned to their owners through an active microchipping program, and provides educational clinics at schools and civic events.

The Johnson County Humane Society, Inc. is NOT a law enforcement agency,  nor are we affiliated with or subsidized by any government entity.

Johnson County is in great need of an active animal control system which currently does not exist.  If you are experiencing animal control problems, contact your commissioner and county sheriff.  They are your only legal recourse at this time.