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Johnson County is one of the few counties in Tennessee that does not have an animal control system.  Without such a system, county residents can only seek help from the Sheriff's Department when they have an animal problem.  The Sheriff will respond when he can, but his department does not have the necessary training, manpower, and facilities to handle and secure neglected, abused, abandoned, and feral animals.

Without an animal control system, residents have few options to protect themselves and their property from stray, diseased, or vicious animals that roam at will throughout the county.   Unless county citizens actively petition their County Commissioners to create an animal control system, nothing will be done to stem the ever increasing animal related incidents that plague county residents, their children, pets, and livestock.

The Johnson County Humane Society has time and again actively petitioned the commission to act upon this matter, but unfortunately, the commission refuses to establish an animal control system citing inadequate financial resources.  It is only a matter of time before some horrendous incident occurs, probably affecting some innocent child.  Perhaps then, outraged public opinion and lawsuits citing county dereliction will correct the situation.  Must we wait for a tragedy?

In this regard, keep in mind two undeniable facts:

1.  The first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens & property.

2.  Since we elect our leaders, we get the kind of government we deserve.

Animal Control :  

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