Total amount of Funds Spent on Spay /  Neuter since 2001


Total Number of Dogs: Female 2295  Male 1468

Total Number of Cats:   Female 2827   Male 1673

Spay / Neuter Funds Currently Available

There are currently funds available. Call today to get your spay/neuter voucher!

A special thanks to the East Tennessee Foundation ( for awarding us a Grant to help with our Spay / Neuter Program.

****Please note that a Rabies shot is required for spaying / neutering of your pet(s).  Owners are responsible for the cost of the Rabies shot or must provide proof that the Rabies shot has been given.****

We believe one of the biggest challenges in animal control is the large over-population of unwanted dogs and cats. Please help us to continue helping county residents by joining the society, volunteering, or donating to the cause.

For more information on the Spay / Neuter program call: 423-727-9286

(Leave your name, telephone number, and a brief description of your pet on the voicemail.  Calls are returned as soon as possible. If no funds are available, you will be placed on a waiting list.)