Only one in ten will find a new home. The other nine will die because they are unable to be placed in homes.  Some might be humanely put to sleep, but most will be left to die a slow and more than likely painful death. Spaying and Neutering your pets will help prevent such cruel and unnecessary suffering.

Dog Reproduction:

1st year = 16 dogs

2nd year = 128 dogs

3rd year = 512 dogs

4th year = 2,048 dogs

​5th year = 12,288 dogs

​Spay / Neuter Facts and Figures

Just one unspayed female and her offspring can produce:

Cat Reproduction:

1st year = 16 cats

2nd year = 154 cats

3rd year = 382 cats

4th year  = 2,107 cats

​5th year  = 11,801 cats