The next meeting will be held on October 8th. 

***  "The JCHSI appreciates your donations of EMPTY aluminum cans (preferably rinsed and crushed). However, we cannot use such items as glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, food leftovers, cigarette butts, snack bags, peel-off seals (like from yogurt or coffee), etc. Please be considerate and donate ONLY aluminum cans and not your household trash."

The dates of the Johnson County Humane Society's meetings are announced here prior to the scheduled meetings.  The Johnson County Humane Society meets at the Johnson County Public Library at 4 pm on the date announced.  For more information, phone 423-727-9286 and leave a voice mail, write to P.O. Box 307 Mountain City, TN, 37683, send email to or visit  We welcome new members, volunteers, and guests.

Community Events

Here are a few examples of cans that ARE NOT aluminum. Please check all cans with a magnet.

​​"JCHSI Recycling Programs: As part of our fundraising to help the animals of Johnson County, the Johnson County Humane Society collects aluminum cans for recycling. Our collection bins are at the Mountain City Food Lion (just outside the south entrance near the soda machines) and at the Mountain City Food Country (in between the east entrance and Auto Zone, next to the soda machines). Both bins have a magnet embedded in the lid. 

If a can sticks to a magnet, it's not aluminum and we can't use it."